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Twincident December Update - Happy Holidays!

(TG = Twin Girl, TB = Twin Boy) Happy holidays! We hope you had a lovely Christmas! The twins have certainly gotten pretty excited about Father Christmas and seeing family! The last couple of months have continued the trend of us running around after two very energetic and curious little people. With them starting nursery, we hoped we would all get a bit more variety and some time back, but unfortunately, due to the dreaded back-to-back nursery illnesses, we ended up sick, with minimal sleep and all fairly grumpy! The good news is the cuteness-o-meter continues to go into overdrive as TB wishes the bath water "good luck, see you tomorrow" as it drains, and TG sings herself to sleep every night! Have a great NY and all the best for 2023! Additions to the site this month: Practical parenting

What's been going well?

  • Language and reasoning have reached a point where we can have some pretty sensible conversations with the twins about what we are doing, what they can and can't have/do, and on occasion even see some light at the end of the tunnel for the terrible 2’s as they reason their way out of a potential tantrum or disagreement.

  • Nursery is clearly keeping the twins occupied in a way we would struggle to now they are both such bundles of inquisitiveness. This helps with any guilt or just plain missing them when they are there, and also means the twins increasingly tell us excitedly about all things they get up to and what they are learning!

  • These two things mean that we now see the twin's development moving up a notch every couple of weeks. It blows my mind every time they add a few more words to their sentences, start using tenses and words we haven’t heard before, and most impressively use all of this in some new context. The other day TB pressed the play button on my headphones and said “TB turn on daddy’s sound” when as far as I knew, he didn’t even know what my headphones were!

  • The twin's play with each other is changing - they now play games purposefully together (rather than just around/on top of each other) and want to hold each other's hands when we are out and about, it's just 😍

  • Christmas really hammered this home - it was so much fun introducing them to Father Christmas and all the ceremonies that surround it, and they really got into it! No awkward existential questions so far...🤣😮🎅🏽

What’s been hard and what would we have done differently?

  • As many predicted after the twins started nursery they got sick. Constantly. Not only did this mean we were all sick, but their sleep deteriorated massively for a couple of months! We had high hopes our general productivity would go through the roof once the twins started nursery and we got some time back, but in the end, the impact of the constant sickness and lack of sleep wore us out 😟

  • We can see them working their way through the terrible 2s, but they still have their moments, and as they speak and understand more, it sometimes takes us more by surprise when they have a wobble or tantrum, and we have to remind ourselves that they are still ickle and their brains still have a lot of growing to do!

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